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    • 10:00 AM Sunday School
    • 11:00 AM Morning Worship Service
    • 11:00 AM Junior Church
  • Wednesday
    • 6:30 PM Awanna - K through 6th Grades
    • 6:30 PM IMPACT Student Ministry
    • 6:30 PM Adult Bible Study

What is an authentic  Christian?  If anybody knew the importance of being alert, it was the apostle Peter. He had a tendency in his early years to feel overconfident.  He rushed ahead when he should have waited. He slept when he should have prayed.  He talked when he should have listened. He was a courageous, but careless, Christian. 

In this second letter, 
his emphasis is on the knowledge of God.  The word know or knowledge is used at least 13 times in this short epistle. The word doesn't mean a mere intellectual understanding of some truth.  Though that is included.  It means
a living participation in the truth.

Sunday, October 8, during the 11:00 worship service we will be unpacking 2 Peter to discover when it means to be an Authentic Christian.

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