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Missionary Family Directory

Mission Committee:

David & Dona Flynt

John & Jesslyn Gibson

Jim & Tammy Hendren

Ricky & Lavon Stark

The theme for this year's conference is "Made For Missions". Our Verse is Ephesians 2:10, "For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them."

Today over 6.7 billion people are alive on earth. The entire population of the US is only 300 million, so the world's population is 20 times that of America. That is a staggering number of human beings. Some missionary leaders still estimate that at least half of them have never heard the Gospel, and some three-fourths of them have not had a clear presentation of the Gospel. Over 40 million people die annually with an estimated 39 million being unsaved. The population of Hell is ever increasing. These statistics are not just numbers; each one of them is a souls for whom Jesus Christ Died.
In the soul harvest, may we see the immensity of the harvest through the eyes of our Lord. It is my prayer that our hearts will be so stirred from the preaching and teaching of God's Word and see the need to get involved in Sowing the Seed!

Pastor Kepler

Costa Rica, 2017


Chad and Jennifer Braymer
Sending Agency: BBFI
Email: chad@joinvida.com 

Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2015


Corey and Kaylee O'Grady
Sending Agency:  World Baptist Fellowship
Email:  cogrady.nl@gmail.com

Argentina (2004)


Rickey & Angela Freeman
Sending Agency:  BBFI
E-mail:  rickey.freeman@bbfimissions.org 

Bahamas (2004)

Dave & Sharon Spangler
Sending Agency: Baptist Missions to Forgotten People
E-mail:  saved2ru@juno.com

Brazil (2001)


Mark & Dana McCutchen
Sending Agency:  World Baptist Fellowship
E-mail:  mdccutchen@gmail.com

Brazil (2006)


Phil & Debi Harris
Sending Agency: World Baptist Fellowship
E-mail:  phildobrzil@hotmail.com

Church Planters, Austin TX, 2019

Jesse and Rebecca Hale
Sending Agency: BMA Missions 
Email: halesjess@gmail.com 

Church Planters, New York City, 2018


Tony and Melissa Fraley
Sending Agency: Central Missionary Clearing House
Email: fraleynyc@gmail.com 

Church Planters, San Fransisco , 2018


Jake and Hali Woodfin
Sending Agency: World Baptist Fellowship
Email: jakewoodfinsf@gmail.com 

Columbia, 2018


Jason and Rachel Fletcher
Sending Agency: ABWE International
Email: Fletchers@abwe.cc 

Dominican Republic/Cuba (2005)


Matt & Flor Patton
Sending Agency:  World Baptist Fellowship
E-mail:  christ2cuba@hotmail.com

Ecuador (medical furlough)


Earnie & Monoka Brown
Sending Agency:  World Baptist Fellowship
E-mail:  ebrownmonoka@aol.com



Don and Phyllis Weeks
Sending Agency: Baptist Bible Fellowship 

England (2003)


James & Dana Kastl
Sending Agency: BBFI
E-mail:  james.kastl@bbfimissions.org

England, 2017


Joshua and Ashley Bell
Sending Agency: BBFI
Email: ringingoutthegospel@gmail.com 

Gravette, AR (2011)

Care and Share

Haiti (2005)


Jacques & Marie Alexander
Sending Agency:  World Baptist Fellowship
E-mail:  jacques1frantz@yahoo.com

Kenya (2006)

Eustace and Tracie Kariukis
Sending Mission:  Central Missions Clearinghouse
E-mail:  reachingthechildren@bluebottle.com

Madagascar, Africa


Richard and Ruth Jertburg
Sending Agency:Baptist Missions to Forgotten Peoples.
Email: jertberg@mad4christ.org 

Mexico (2003)

Jason & Ellen Thomas
Sending Agency:  Baptist Missions to Forgotten People
E-mail:  jemexico@juno.com

Midwest Seedline


Miles and Joanna Wallis
Sending Church:  Talking Rock Road Baptist Church
Email:  mileswallis@midwestseedline.org

New Zealand (2004)


Dale and Janet Brown
Sending Agency  World Baptist Fellowship
E-mail:  dbrownz@yahoo.com 

Nicaragua (2012)


Jaron & Nicki Rogers
Sending Agency: BBFI
E-mail:  jaron.rogers@bbfimissions.org

Philippines (2011)


Jordan & Nikki Nisly
Sending Agency:  BBFI
E-mail:  jordan.nisly@bbfimissions.org

Philippines (2011)

Reuel & Christine Tica
Sending Agency:  Baptist Evangelistic Agency
Email:  reueltica@hotmail.com

Spain (2011)


T.J. & Kimberly Gritts
Sending Agency: BBFI
Email:  tj.gritts@bbfimissions.org

Student Mobilization, U of A, 2018

Jacob Bookout
Email: jacob.bookout@stumo.org 

The Call, Foster Care

Toronto, Canada, 2018


Phil and Jessica Coolbaugh
Sending Agency: BBFI
Email: coolbaughs2toranto@gmail.com 

Whales (2006)


Tom & Patti Wheeler
Sending Agency:  World Baptist Fellowship
E-mail:  prediger61@hotmail.com